My Bio

According to my wife
Greg is super smart and the BEST artist in the whole wide world. He’s also easy on the eyes which doesn’t matter for his work but doesn’t suck either. He’s a great cook, a personal driver to me and our kids, the kindest, most giving person I’ve ever met, and the best dad in the universe! Oh… and he’s a giant goofball which is probably his very best quality.

According to my kids
Dad is super awesome. He is very silly and acts like a kid a lot but I think that’s one thing to be proud of. He should work on buying more candy though. Love you dad!

According to moi
I identify as an Illustrator, Animator, Photographer, Video Editor, Motion Designer, Creative/Art Director and Musician. I work commercially, for both advertising and editorial clients. I enjoy branding as much as I do creating illustrations, and designing digital media, children’s books, magazines… I’m a self confessed music addict. I am known for working quickly and efficiently and being the go-to-guy for those difficult jobs, with many moving parts, and being able to fit them together seamlessly.