Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is another image created for my children’s storybook series.
Creating the wolf with severe angles gives him his sinister feel while adding just a few curves in Red’s eyes, mouth, chin, buttons and fruit to soften her character. Making her more loveable. Then facing Red towards the wolf puts them in a friendly relationship to each other. The wolf’s disinterest takes any menace directed¬† away from her.

The book,  A Primer of Visual Literacy by Donis A. Dondis, has been an inspiration or me over the years. It looks at the simple ways one can change the visual message just by the placement and use of something as simple as line, shape, graphic from one place to another to create different emotional responses in the viewer.

This of course is a very breif description of the book but one I recommend to anyone involved in design or any type of media creation.
I hope you enjoy.

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